Strain Sheet: XJ-13 by Harmony Farms

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Reviewing Budtender: Maddi B.

Strain: XJ-13 by Harmony Farms testing at 22% THC

Onset Time: Hits immediately, but the full feeling comes on about 10 minutes later and is much more intense. 

Fade: 1 hour 45 minutes

Strength: Medium-high

Tingling: Arms & upper back/shoulders, back of head, mostly cerebral.

Control: This strain was very thought-provoking, not cloudy or hazy at all.

Emotions: Thought provoking & uplifting. This strain did NOT make me tired at all.

Paranoia: None.

Energy Level: 7-10 Wanted to go do things, but also great for just hanging out and playing video games.

Smell: Sweet citrus with earthy undertones.

Positives: Smooth & sweet smoke.

Negative: None

Other Notes: Flexible strain overall. Excellent for video games and TV,or for an afternoon hike. I smoked it out of my bong. The glass jar helped keep the buds fresh and dense.

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