Strain Sheet: Secret Recipe by Golden Tree Productions

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Reviewing Budtender: Miss Nyssa

Strain: Secret Recipe

Grower: Golden Tree Productions

Onset: 5 minutes after smoking with a warm body high, a full head and body high kicked in 15 minutes later. After about 45 minutes, I became very energetic and ready to party. Unfortunately, it was bed time. :/

Fade: Faded after roughly two hours.

Strength: Potent!!

Tingling: Warm sensation all over, Numbness in the face & mouth with heavy eyes and chest.

Emotions: Very euphoric & care free. I was in the mood to laugh, giggle, talk , and socialize. Thoughts were racing and wandering.

Focus/Control: Focused in the moment but difficult recalling conversations and what I was watching on TV.

Smell/Taste: Citrus and acrid aroma with a crisp pine finish.

I want to bottle this as perfume, Jesus I love Secret Recipe

Positives: Excellent flavor all the way through the bowl, burns evenly and leaves white ash.

Negatives: I don’t have this strain in a pre-rolled joint 😛

Other Thoughts: Nice balance between focused high and zone-out periods with surges of high energy.

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