Strain Sheet: Cookies by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

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Reviewing Budtender: Michael

Strain: Cookies from Northwest Cannabis Solutions at 20.7% THC, producer of edibles such as the Hard Candy Pebbles and KoKo Gems.

Onset: I smoked a small bowl out of a glass bong. The high built from a subtle relaxation at about the 5 minute to a full effects at the 10 minute mark.
Fade: 45 minutes to an hour.
Tingle: Body sensations began in the extremities and worked inward into the neck and shoulders. Physically my head seemed sludgy and numb beneath the surface, but mentally I was alert and happy.
Control: I had no problems focusing and movement felt good.
Paranoia: No paranoia or anxiety! 😀
Energy: Moving around felt nice and walking to the store was pleasant. I wasn’t particularly motivated, then again I’m not exactly a marathon runner even when sober.
Smell: There’s a sweetness to it that reminds me of some vague sugary breakfast cereal.
Positives: Cookies is a good happy indica dominant hybrid that isn’t too lazy. Gorgeous frosty purple nugs.
Negatives: Some cottonmouth.
Other Comments: This is the first bud I’ve gotten from Northwest Cannabis Solutions and I’m pretty impressed with it. With a very reasonable price point, I can see myself trying out several of their other strains soon.

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