Strain Sheet: One Love by Agrijuana

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One love Strain Review

Budtender: Nick D.

Strain: One Love, 20.21% THC, Sativa

Grower: Agrijuana

On-set time: The first attempt at 4:50 pm was a successful one with the help of a little glass pipe and some fire from the gods the tasty bud engulfed my senses. Soonly after I tried One Love in a water pipe and my palate then experienced the finer citrus after taste I was looking forward to. Around 5:10 the head changes attained started to fade.

Fade Time: It was about a thirty minute experience, due to a higher tolerance.

Strength: If I was going to a Seahawks viewing party or wanted to play cards with the boys this strain gets people up and involved socially. If I were to go back in time and smoke with Shakespeare this would be my fanny pack for sure. No doubt, One Love is a potent strain.

Tingling: Slight sensation in the shoulders.

Control: Above average consumer here so there was total control.

Emotions: ThcA was in abundance so paranoia wasn’t a factor and the energy level was definitely increased.

Positives: It’s a great Sativa so its going to be popular; I’m enjoying it very much and I hope you like it as well. Also this one gram unit was just a rock, it was very thick and wanted to stay together, I had to pry the nug apart.

Negatives: Know your flower, if you’re trying to get sleepy you’re going to have a bad time.

Notes: A green, white, and orange gem with flavors of pine, earth, and citrus.

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