Strain Sheet: Jean Luc by Life Gardens

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Jean Luc Strain Review

Budtender: Roberto C.


Strain: Jean Luc, Sativa Dominate Hybrid


Grower: Life Gardens


Onset time: Indulged around 5pm and full effects set in around 5:10pm.


When did you no longer feel it? The feelings faded at a about 5:30 pm.


Strength: The strength wasn’t to much to handle it was a pretty mellow high.


Tingling: I experienced a small buzz throughout my body but it was more of a head rush of euphoria creating a very relaxing high.


Control: My experience was very functional and it was easy to maintain focus.


Emotions: None


Paranoia: None


Smells: Earthy and skunky.


Positives: Very functional smoke.


Negatives: The taste and  was not of my preference and the high was a little short lived.


Notes: Great strain for people that only partake ever so often. Sort of on the lighter side but a good day smoke.  


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