Strain Sheet: Sage by Golden Tree Productions

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Reviewing Budtender: Eddy G.
Strain: S.A.G.E

Grower: Golden Tree Productions

“We haven’t carried this lovely strain for nearly a year – I’m exited to see it back on the shelf.
The buds are substantial and solid, not at all crunchy. I let it sit out for a few minutes, then tore of a small piece and gave it a whiff. Nice! Very aromatic and “herby”. Er, like sage, except that the name actually stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. It’s all in the name! A clear headed sativa buzz comes on quickly, but the Afghani side keeps you from getting jacked up or paranoid. Thus you get perfect equilibrium! It’s long lasting too, and the high doesn’t taper into drowsiness, unlike some other hybrids.

All in all – clear calm, focused, superb daytime weed. Sets your head straight and puts a smile on your face” -Ed




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