Strain Sheets: AK-47 by Harmony Farms

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Reviewing Budtender: Amy

Strain: AK-47, sativa-dominant hybrid

Farmer: Harmony Farms

Onset Time: Approximately 10 minutes. This is a creeper.

Fade Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Strength: Total THC content is 20.6%. AK-47 would be potent for a beginner smoker, but a great daytime smoke for those with a higher tolerance.

Control: No control issues at all.

Emotion: This is a fun, uplifting strain! It began with a great energizing head high mixed with a lot of laughter. It leveled off with a mellow, full-body buzz. Very uplifting without any anxiety.

Positives: Great overall strain for hanging out with friends. I would definitively select AK-47 to take to a party. You will want to smoke this with others… Great strain for watching football.

Negatives: It made me a bit dizzy but it could have resulted from all the laughing.

Notes: Earthy, with sour undertones. ak47 jars

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