Product Sheet: Dark Chocolate KoKo Gems from Magic Kitchen

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Reviewer: SueVo
Edible: Dark Chocolate KoKo Gemz (One 10 mg serving, individually wrapped)
Grower: Magic Kitchen
Onset time: Slight body feel in lips, shoulders and head about 45 minutes in, builds with increasing body relaxation for another 45 minutes.
Fade: About four hours
Strength: Medium (edibles don’t always work well on me, though, so be warned)
Tingling (where did you feel it): Shoulders, mid forehead, upper arms
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Good, easy to regain.
Emotions: Relaxed, mellow, calm
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Low, sleepy, couchy.
Taste: Tastes like nice dark chocolate. No weed flavor at all.
Positives: Good body relaxation, very mellow, chill buzz, melty muscles.
Negatives: Made me want to go back to bed. Very sleepy stuff.
Other notes: No easy-tear method for the individually wrapped candies (you need scissors). With the heat wave, if you get a chocolate or other edible that might melt, it’s best to keep it stored in the refrigerator (although it makes the candies less soft). Would be a very nice day-ender edible, maybe with a bath or massage to go with it as it builds. Was OK for reading in my armchair, but after about an hour and a half I ended up taking a nap.

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